Hailing from Malaysia, Kim Yap, a mother of four and a mobile photography enthusiast, shone brightly as the sole Malaysian winner in the vivo Vision+ Mobile Photo Awards 2023, a mobile imaging contest collaboratively launched by vivo and ZEISS. Her mesmerising photo series titled' Coffee Life' taken with the vivo X80 stood out as one of the 21 award-winning pieces, earning the admiration of professional judges and propelled her into the spotlight of global recognition. 


Undoubtedly, Kim Yap’s journey epitomises transformative growth. She shared, "Winningthisaward was beyond my expectations due to the multitude of global submissions. Followingmyvictory, my family and friends rallied behind me, recognizing the importance of my chosenpath. This experience made me realise that my photography skills are now receiving support and recognition from others." 

Furthermore, the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photo Awards, established in 2020, is a distinguished photography contest for vivo users, supported by vivo's people-centric imaging expertise. Adding to the excitement, this year, vivo has joined forces with its global imaging partner ZEISS to present the Mobile Photo Awards 2023 under the resonating theme 'Create Together.' This contest invites global vivo smartphone users to submit diverse images capturing authentic human emotions. 

Kim Yap's Triumph with the vivo X80 ‘Coffee Life'

Kim Yap's Triumph with the vivo X80 ‘Coffee Life,’ a collection of photos shot by Malaysian mobile photographer Kim Yap, has secured a place in the 'Photo Series' category among the eight distinguished award segments. Theseries was taken during her visit to a vintage coffee factory with her friends at Klang, Selangor. 

She emphasised that the place was filled with light seeping through cracks, creating a natural opportunity to capture the play of lights. With vivo X80, it was able to reveal the well-defined wrinkles on an elderly man's face, evoking a sense of time's passage and nostalgia. She expressed, "Capturing images of the elderly is my true calling, recognizing their fleeting presence. This fervour stems from my own grandmother. In the past, photography was constrained by traditional cameras, making it an exclusive pursuit. Yet, these constraints ignited my passion for photography, intensifying my longing to forever preserve moments shared with my grandmother and effectively freeze time." On top of that, she underscores her fondness for capturing human portraits, embodying stories and heartfelt warmth. This aligns with her statement that her photographic odyssey was born from the aspiration to encapsulate moments that transcend time. 

Additionally, her photographic journey is deeply intertwined with her choice of equipment - the vivo X series. Her introduction to the world of vivo smartphones began with the vivo X70 Pro, and later progressed to the vivo X80, eventually settling with the vivo X90 Pro. She was captivated by the potential of the vivo X80 during the visit to the vintage coffee factory with her friends. It has Feature Article notably enhanced her proficiency in capturing high-quality images, especially under challenging low-light circumstances. Although she initially favoured digital cameras, she came to realise the impressive capabilities of mobile smartphones, exemplified by the vivo X80, in producing shots comparable to those of dedicated digital cameras. This revelation prompted her transition to becoming a mobile photographer. 

Overall, Kim Yap's success story is a beacon of inspiration, especially for young enthusiasts looking to embark on their own photography journey. Her advice is to believe in oneself, regardless of whether one has access to a smartphone or a digital camera. She emphasised that creativity is the driving force behind remarkable photography. Her journey stands as a confirmation to the profound influence of passion and the impact of unwavering self-belief. 

Elevating Imaging Excellence: ZEISS Collaboration in vivo X90 

Commencing from 2020, the vivo X series has embarked on a continuous exploration of imaging to bring forth numerous industry-leading technological breakthroughs and significant enhancements in user experience. It all began with the launch of the vivo X50. Over three successive years, the company has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the evolution of the X series across five generations. These endeavours, ranging from micro gimbal technology to collaboration with ZEISS, the development of in-house chips, and vivo's ongoing innovation in Feature Article the realm of mobile photography. The exceptional performance of the vivo X series has rightfull yearned it the esteemed distinction as the ‘Flagship of Mobile Imaging.’ 

All in all, Kim Yap's success, the vivo X series evolution, and the ZEISS partnership embody innovation driving mobile photography. We are looking forward to vivo's ongoing break throughs in the realm of imaging excellence

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