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Pabila cuaca berjerebu & tidak sihat tahun 2014. Kami somi isteri sibuk dok cr solution utk pembersihan udara dlm rumah.

Almaklumlah rumah tingkat 8. Udara, habuk etc yg ringan pasti tiada tapisan. Haruslah singgah di rmah kami dulu. Kan?? Jika rmah atas tanah, dh d filter oleh pokok2.

Jadiknya, mula lah adegan survey sana sini.

Dan ..kami memilih air purifier yg ada aromatherapy.  Nk feeling ala2 spa & wangi2 dlm rmah gitew ;)

Kebetulan, dpt pylak voucher jusco beberapa puluh ringgit. Jadiknya, kami grab trus packege sheel design+mushroon design. Dpt la free gift 10 cecair mini aromatherapy. Jimat!! :)

Yg shell tu kami letak di hall. Dan, mushroom type tu letak dlm master bedrooms. Drop pulak dgn bauan utk flu &fresh. Mmg tido pn selesa aje ;)

Mmg best air purifier ni. Cumanya nk kene rajin basuh & tmbah air.
Setiap hari ok!!  Cannot malas2 hehehe. Dan kalo dh tmbah air tu.. pastinya kene tmbah aromatherapy liquid beberapa titik dlm tu. Mmg harum!!

Dhia pn dh pandai lakonkan cara2 meletakkan cecair dlm tu.

Dan baru2 ni, daddy Dhia wat suprise belikan air purifier yg maintenance free pulak.

Tadaaaaaa...nanoe in d house!!
Mmg terbaek lah kan. Walaupn dpt cover 30m2 = 200+sq ft. Its ok.. udah lebih dr cukup utk hall kami.

nanoe ni mmg terbaek rasanya..segala bau2an dia serap abes. Ilang bau aromatic yg sedia ada..hahaha

Moga2 keluarga kami sihat2 selalu sambil2 hirup udara segar dlm rmah ;)

Ok jom kita baca2 ttg kelebihan ke tiga2 air purifier ni.

Air purifier perfect aire

A clean and comfortable home or workplace makes you feel good and healthy. However, unhealthy indoor air is an invisible threat to your well-being. It contains bacteria, dusts, moulds, pollens, smokes and microscopic pollutants that may cause eye, nose and throat irritation.

Mushroom air purifier

* Input: AC100-240V / 50Hz; Output: DC5V / 300MA.
* Build in 3pcs of color changing LED lights.
* Accessory: USB cable.
* Continuous Duration: 24 Hours
* Coverage of air washing: 10m²
* Water capacity: Min: 50ml / Max: 280ml
* Material: ABS, PP, PET

Sample air purifier, effectively revitalizes air in minutes, easy to use and clean.
indoor air freshener

*coverage : 10 to 30 sq. ft.
*Spectrum white color LED lights
*Power : 1.5 watts
*Used 12V USB cable
*Ideal for pick-up laptop computer
*Available in four colours: Red, Orange, Green & Purple

Directions for use
1. Use the running water is okay, Replace the water every day.

2. Only 5 – 6 drops of the PerfectAire concentrate for each time, the scents can last 10hours.

3. Motor is designed for continuous running.

Panasonic Nanoe air  purifier

The lifespan of nanoe™ is longer than normal ion for 6 times, effective in suppressing 99.9% Influenza Virus(H1N1,H5N1), 99.99% Escherichia Coli(O157) and Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA)
nanoe™ penetrates into fabrics thoroughly and inhibits allergens and removes odors
nanoe™ generates through condensation and ionization of moisture in air,eliminates the need for replacing nanoe™ unit regularly
Composite filter can inhibit viruses, bacteria and 17 kinds of allergens.

Super nanotechnology deodorizing filter removes odors such as smokes from cigarettes and up to formaldehyde.

The 3D circulation airflow removes pollutants effectively, focuses on the area 30cm above from the floor.

When the room is much polluted, use Turbo mode to operate in maximum speed for 10 minutes to remove the pollutants quicky.

Sleep mode
Air quality indicator
Odor sensor
Fan speed settings : (Low / Medium / High)
Colour : White
Suitable area(Air purifying) : 20m² (approx. 215ft2)
Dimension : H540 W311 D210 (mm)
Composite Filter : F-ZXJP30Z

Suggested Composite Filter Lifetime : 2 (years)
Deodorizing Filter : F-ZXJD30Z
Suggested Deodorizing Filter Lifetime : 2 (years)


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