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Horlicks® Rolls Out Nationwide Horlicks NutriQuest Campaign And The NutriQuest Game

Horlicks® Rolls Out Nationwide Horlicks NutriQuest Campaign And The NutriQuest Game

Download the Horlicks NutriQuest game today and be tall, Collect Nutricoins to redeem exclusive prizes at the Horlicks strong and sharp to beat the elusive Dr. Greedy

NutriQuest roadshows and the official website GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK), a leading global science-led healthcare company, today unveiled the nationwide Horlicks NutriQuest Campaign and announced its new mobile game application during the interactive launch. Horlicks leverages on an exciting platform to quench kids’ thirst for a thrilling adventure to hunt and defeat the villainous Dr. Greedy with the NutriQuest heroes through multiple worlds. The evil scientist, Dr. Greedy has taken over the Horlicks .

Factory because he does not want the kids to benefit from the nutritional goodness provided by.

In efforts to save the world and Horlicks Factory, kids are invited to be on a virtual quest with the four tall, strong and sharp heroes; friendly Damien, clever Omair, sporty Akin and the extremely smart Ida, to beat Dr. Greedy. In this level-based game, children will start their quest in the City, followed by the

Jungle and they will advance to the final world – Factory where kids finally get to meet and defeat Dr. Spearheaded by Horlicks, the brand is committed in reaching out to kids through proper nutrition to strive to be tall, strong and sharp. The Horlicks NutriQuest campaign features a line-up of activities which are readily available online and on-ground. Aimed at driving further engagement with kids, 


Horlicks brings to town a series of mini roadshows, retail promotions with Horlicks and NutriCoins, as well as the prizes redemption on the website of Horlicks NutriQuest.Horlicks NutriQuest reaches out to more kids and moms

The campaign possesses a unique approach to engage kids of all ages and provides a platform for kids to learn about nutrition in a new light. Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GSK Consumer

Healthcare Malaysia is delighted over the positive responses received towards the newly-launched Horlicks NutriQuest campaign. 

“As parents, we strive to give the best to our kids. We want to provide holistic nutrition which helps to ensure optimal growth and boost our children’s developments. In GSK, we also embrace new digital trends and children’s ongoing shift towards education garnered from a digital landscape. It is inevitable that mobile technology is constantly evolving every day and it is imperative for our brand to be aligned with the times. We believe that Horlicks NutriQuest is a fun game that will bring the kids together for a wholesome experience and challenging adventures.”

Stacy also explained, “The mission to hunt for Dr. Greedy is sure to entice and excite the kids, as well as bringing out their explorative nature through the quests. To defeat Dr. Greedy, one has to be tall, grow strong and be sharp. This resonates with our brand promise as we at Horlicks believe that healthy nutrition is always the foundation for success and we are inspired to nourish our kids’ potential. Backed by our brand’s compelling scientific credentials and our strong legacy of nutrition since 1873, we are honoured to be part of family’s nutritional journey for over 50 years in Malaysia.”

Going beyond the mobile game application, the Horlicks NutriQuest nationwide roadshows bring the game worlds to life. Kids and parents are invited to participate in the challenging game booths which feature interactive activities such as: the ‘tall’ booth that encourages kids’ growth by jumping high to catch the Horlicks star; the ‘strong’ booth where the kids face an inflatable of Dr. Greedy’s punching doll; and the ‘sharp’ booth which tests the kids’ accuracy by shooting down Dr. Greedy.

Consumers can also collect the NutriCoins that come together with every purchase of Horlicks pack within the duration of the campaign. Each NutriCoin can help kids to unlock new exclusive levels in the 4th Dimension World. The NutriCoins can also be used to collect exclusive Horlicks NutriQuest prizes such as the characters key chains, NutriQuest cap and the NutriQuest watch through online redemption at

Horlicks, the Nutritional Health Drink for kids


Being at the forefront to provide the essential nutrients in a glass, Horlicks has always been the pioneer malt drink brand in the health food drinks category. Horlicks is power-packed with 23 vital nutrients that help to fill nutrition gaps among children, which are important to ensure optimal growth and overall health development. Two serves of Horlicks provide the nutritional goodness, fortified with calcium and multi-vitamins that help children to grow tall, strong and sharp.

For more information on Horlicks Malaysia, please visit :-

GSK call consumer hotline at 1-800-88-3225 

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