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Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam 

The beauty and tranquility of Vietnam’s pristine beaches is certainly one of Asia’s best kept secrets. With over 3000 kilometers of breathtaking coastline, jewel-blue seas and white sand stretches lined with beachfront resorts, Vietnam is truly a haven begging to be explored. 

From soft sand and crystal blue waters to secluded coves and islets fit for snorkeling, island hopping and scuba diving, here, we navigate through 10 must-see idyllic beaches in Vietnam: 

1. Long Beach, Phu Quoc 

Long Beach or more commonly known to locals as Bai Dai is widely considered as one of the premier beaches located on the North West coast of Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam. Stretching over 20km, Long Beach is indeed the epicentre of all tourist activities as this is where you will find swanky beachfront resorts, restaurants, cafes, amusement parks, golf course and other businesses that cater to the various needs of vacationers. 

Although easily navigated on foot, adventure seekers have the option of renting a motorbike or bicycle to explore some of the traditional fishing villages and pearl farms located on the southern end of the beach.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

2. Ganh Dau Beach, Phu Quoc 

Along the remote north-western tip of the island lies the Ganh Dau Cape which consists of many small beaches. Fringed by palm trees and shielded by two mountains – Mt Bai Dai and Mt Ham Rong, Ganh Dau beach is truly a hidden gem as it is one of the less populated beaches in Vietnam largely due to its remote location. You may even catch a glimpse of the Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia from the shores of Ganh Dau beach. 

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam
Ganh Dau Beach, Phu Quoc Island (image source:

3. Sao Beach, Phu Quoc (or Star Beach)

With swaying palms, soft powdery white sand and cerulean seas, Sao Beach is arguably the best beach in Vietnam and the pride of Phu Quoc Island. The calm, shallow waters of this picturesque beach situated on the island’s eastern shore make it a perfect getaway for young and old alike.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

4. My Khe Beach, Da Nang (or China Beach) 

Once listed in Forbes as one of the ‘World’s Most Luxurious Beaches’, My Khe Beach is situated 5km from Da Nang city centre and is a crowd favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. This is largely due to the lack of large waves, warm water all year round and broad shore stretch which make it an ideal refuge for young and old to bask in the afternoon sun and frolic in the clear waters. There are also plenty of restaurants available to satiate ones appetite here.

Interestingly, the beach was named by the American troops while visiting for some R&R during the Vietnam War.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam
My Khe Beach, Danang (Image source:

5. Non Nuoc Beach, Da Nang 

Offering breath-taking views of the Son Tra Peninsula and Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc Beach flaunts soft white sands, a gentle slope, unpolluted waters and mild waves all year long. Visitors can do plenty of sightseeing and leisure activities here including surfing up the waves and stand-up paddling where lessons are readily available for inexperienced visitors. 

The beach is also a ten-minute walk from the iconic Marble Mountains, which houses 17th-century Buddhist sanctuaries, pagoda temples and even a special circular cave which features a chimney leading to the summit where visitors will be treated to spectacular panoramic views.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam
Non Nuoc Beach, Da Nang (Image source:

6. Tran Phu, Nha Trang 

An easy walk to and from anywhere in Nha Trang City, Tran Phu beach is the centre of all action as it also plays host to the iconic Tran Phu Street – a beautiful seaside promenade with a mixture of luxury to mid-range beachfront resorts, hostels, souvenir shops, museums and seafood restaurants. 

Tran Phu Beach also has a bustling nightlife with bars, lounges and restaurants running parallel to the beach offering patrons a unique beach experience after sunset.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

7. Dai Lanh Beach, Nha Trang 

The crescent-shaped Dai Lanh Beach exudes a more local flavour as it is occupied by a fishing village on one end and to the other, an attractive beach shaded by casuarina trees with stunning views of a mountainous coastline. 

This beach however is seldom visited due to its close proximity to the busy highway. Nevertheless the views are indeed a sweet treat to the eyes.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

8. Doc Let Beach, Nha Trang

A quiet eden fringed by palm trees, fine white sand, sparking azure waters and a sleepy disposition pretty much sums up the charm of Doc Let Beach. Despite its resounding beauty, the beach is relatively less occupied as compared to the other beaches in the area, making it an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

9. An Bang Beach, Hoi An 

An Bang Beach is one of the few stretches of beach in Hoi An that is relatively unspoiled by development and natural erosion, making it a popular option for locals and tourists to soak up the sun and enjoy an array of seaside activities. 

Among the popular activities at An Bang Beach include swimming, paddle-boarding, and surfing. Those looking to learn how to surf will find it handy to know that there are plenty of board rentals, surf and stand-up paddling classes offered by An Bang Beach’s expat surfing community. 

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

10. Lang Co Bay, Hue

Situated between Da Nang and Hue, Lang Co Bay is recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world as voted by Worldbays. This is likely a result of the picturesque backdrop of imposing green mountains and turquoise waters. 

Seafood lovers are certainly in for a treat here as Lang Co is rich in marine life. From lobsters to tiger prawns, white shrimps, sea crabs, mackerels as well as blue crabs, Lang Co promises a delicious spread of seafood delicacies. 

Sun Kissed in Vietnam – A Guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Vietnam

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