Guide For You to Create Video Blog at Home

Due to pandemics, social media and video making took a prominent position in everyone’s life. People staying inside the home started making vlogs and sharing their day-to-day life and even their passion, creativity, and talent with the world. It is a source of entertainment for the audience and the people who want to start with blogging. 

At first, people start as their interest and want to kill time, but later they start creating a connection with the audience and sharing their talent, experience, and knowledge. If you want to start a video blog, you are at the right place. As a beginner, you do not have to invest in high-end products or equipment. You can start slow, and once you establish yourself, you can move ahead with high-quality equipment. 

Guide For You to Create Video Blog at Home


If you have a high-end Smartphone, then you do not need a camera. You can shoot with your Smartphone, and it will do a good job. Also, there are many editing apps on the phone itself that you can use and edit the videos on your phone. Also, you can try professional cameras on a budget, and for this, Nikon D3300 is the best for you. Look online, and you will find many budget-friendly cameras that will help you start shooting the video blog

Guide For You to Create Video Blog at Home

Here are a few brief hints for recording with a phone digital camera:

Look at the digital camera lens whilst you’re recording. in case you have a look at yourself on-screen, your eyes receive it be directed at viewers.

Hold your digital camera in landscape orientation, not portrait.

Vicinity the digicam slightly above eye level. Don’t preserve it too low or viewers can be searching up at your chin. Similarly, don’t keep it too excessive or they’ll be looking down from exquisite heights.

Recording video takes up a variety of space on your telephone, so that you’ll need to transfer your documents periodically to your computer to ensure you've got enough area to record. Dropbox is a good choice for this cause. if you’re a Mac consumer, AirDrop is a brief and easy manner to transfer documents among an iPhone and Mac.


In an online store, you will find the best tripod at the best price. The tripod is sturdy and easily holds your Smartphone or camera decently. You do not have to waste too much money on a tripod, and everything comes on a budget. You need an LED light. So how about buying an LED light with a tripod. It saves your money because you are getting a tripod and LED light at one price. 


When you switch on the camera for recording, the sound that it captures is unclear. Hence, using a budget-friendly microphone is the best idea. It makes the sound clear, and you are audible too. Especially for ASMR video, using a microphone is the best idea. During editing, you can level up the volume and, per your need, delete the unwanted sound and adjust the audio with music as per your editing. 

Normally the extra luxurious the mic, the better the first-rate. Even if there are a few loose options, in case you’re going to be making an investment some time in video, we advocate putting a little cash into an excellent microphone. The poor sound is unforgiving.
Focus Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in your video. If you are shooting in natural light, then it is the best idea. But, if you are using artificial lighting, then you have to adjust the lighting properly. With LED light, you can adjust umbrellas to balance the artificial light and make the lighting proper. 


Not everyone has a great background at home. Your home does not come out straight from an Instagram picture. Therefore, prepare a good background that goes with the aesthetics of your video, clean all the mess and adjust them properly so when you shoot the video, the background of the video looks impressive. 

A pleasant heritage can set the scene and tone for your motion pictures. Is it amusing and friendly? company and expert? Or does it just make you look like a newbie? Getting the right setup is crucial.

Editing Software

Using an online video maker is the best idea if you want to upload professional videos. Good editing software or tools give you many features that will help you use them in your editing and make the video awesome. Editing software has a premade template as per niche, and you can use the template to edit the video. It makes the video awesome and gives a professional touch.

Graphic Design Software 

You’ll additionally want software to create thumbnail images on your movies and YouTube channel art. Canva has the updated sizes, pointers, and templates you’ll want to create those pictures. It’s free to apply (except for top class photos/images).

Upload the Video

Now that the editing is done and you have exported the video, it is time for you to upload the video. First, determine on which platform you want to upload your video and accordingly export the video. For YouTube, the aspect ratio is 16:9, and for Instagram, you have to export in the desired aspect ratio. 

These are the simple steps that will help you to create an awesome video blog at home. Using these steps, you can start your first video blog, and with time and experience, you will know that it is the best thing for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start recording your life, passion, and talent and make some amazing videos to share with the entire world. Let the world know about your talent and share knowledge with the world. Be ready and let the world know about your talent.

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