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Best 2018 Wardrobe Additions to your Muslimah Wear Collection

Best 2018 Wardrobe Additions to your Muslimah Wear CollectionWe aren’t ordinary women and with changing time, it’s worth upgrading our wardrobe with the most stylish yet, the most modest Islamic clothing collection from some of the popular and designer brands available online in a multi- racial country like Malaysia. Here are our top Muslimah wear picks of 2018:

Best 2018 Wardrobe Additions to your Muslimah Wear Collection

1. Floral and 2- Pieces Modern Baju Kurung

Floral Baju Kurungs are once again in fashion in 2018. This season, Baju Kurung made of satin or lace is suitable for all evening formal and party occasions. The latest Baju Kurung styles come in flare cuts, have a solid attached belt at the waist with a back zipper fastening, are long sleeved and come in a 2- piece modern set.

Best 2018 Wardrobe Additions to your Muslimah Wear Collection

Buy this Baju Kurung now and get up to 20% discount using exclusive Lazada coupons. 

2. Minimalist Shawls, Scarfs and Hijabs 

This winter, stylize and accessorize your skirts and denims with trendy and minimalist hijabs. This year, don’t shy away from black hijabs and matching hijabs with your dresses. Depending upon your face shape, you should keep the following points in mind while wearing a hijab: 

· Round face – keep an elongated forehead and make a small v- shaped tip at the top. 

· Oval face – Wear a headband close to your forehead to shorten your face height. 

· Triangle face- Lower your headscarf much closer to the brow line to balance out the long chin. 

· Square face – Give a rounded shape to your hijab and you may even expose your hair a little bit to make your edges look rounder.

Best 2018 Wardrobe Additions to your Muslimah Wear Collection

To buy the trendiest hijabs from brands like UMMA, 2Go, Versace, VANS, Under Armour, TOPSHOP, TOPGIRL, Tommy Hilfiger and TOM Abang Saufi for Zalora, explore the latest Zalora Muslim wear collection and get up to RM 25 off and up to 20% discount with exclusive Zalora coupons. 

3. RAYA dresses

Talking about Muslim wear dresses, some of the styles in trend are: long tired dresses with frills, flare dresses in mesh fit, tulle dresses with bow tie, fishtail Jubah dresses and pleated and sequin dresses. For every day wear, we recommend adding floral picks in the shades of pastels to your 2018 wardrobe collection.

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  1. Cantik baju kurung tu kak. Badan kurus lg cantik bila pakai ye. Siap ada diskaun lg kalau guna lazada coupun.

  2. wah tahun ni byk floral ye.. dah mula nampak dah trend tu sekarang sebenarnya

  3. Cantik baju kurang n tudung tu Linda, siap ada diskaun lagi.. jimat!

  4. Semuanya cantik2..terus rasa nak kena sedar diri lom gaji..muahahaha

  5. Saya setakat baca je ni tapi tak beli. Tak ada yg nak pakai nnti.

  6. semua cantik2, must have la kiranya

  7. Semua baju cantik cantik tp paling berkenan yg Melyssa Pleated tu.. Cantik

  8. Melysa Pleated tu cantik..berkenan pulak nengoknya..


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