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5 Smart Space-Saving Solutions For Small Spaces

5 Smart Space-Saving Solutions For Small SpacesCondos are getting smaller and smaller, that’s a fact. Urban dwellers are increasingly sacrificing square-footage for affordability and a central location. Concomitantly, condominium developers have adopted a philosophy of shrinking units until they meet consumer budgets and appetites. You can look at any new property launch in KL and see that it adheres to this philosophy. Whether it is demand for smaller homes influencing supply or whether it is the soaring property prices that are causing people to downsize, it has become the mantra among urban dwellers that they must make more efficient use of space. 

In this modern world of less space, space-savvy design solutions have not only become a trend, they have become a must. The smaller your space, the smarter you have to get with your design. So, read on for five simple and smart space saving design solutions. 

5 Smart Space-Saving Solutions For Small Spaces

1. Avoid clutter 

You’ve probably often been told that clutter can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. And it’s true. 

We’ve all been in these situations where you’ve been invited to someone’s home, only to discover an endless swamp of mess and worthless clutter. It isn’t a pleasant place to visit, and thus it can’t be a pleasant place to live in. 

Mae sure you deal with your mess when it needs to be dealt with. Leaving your mess after you’re done with something and letting the mess pile up is a surefire way to end up in a stressful and overwhelming cleaning situation. So, don’t put things off. Tidy up after yourself each time you’re done with something. 

Another good rule is the one year rule: if a certain item has not been used or touched in a year, it’s time to let go of it. 

2. Embrace multi-purpose furniture 

When you have less space at your disposal, naturally you would have fewer things to put in said space, unless hoarding is a look you’re going for. 

One of the most efficient ways to live with less belongings – especially in small spaces – is by having your furniture serve multiple functions and purposes. Instead of having each piece of furniture serve a specific function, it is easier and much simpler to just opt for fewer pieces of furniture that are multi-purpose, space-savvy and innovative. This helps you eliminate potential clutter and also helps you create more open space in your home. 

The idea of multipurpose furniture is certainly not a new concept. Its versatility comes from its ability to adapt to many different situations and spaces. For example, in a typical bedroom, a good queen size-bed can easily take up a lot of your space, and that’s for something that you only use when you’re asleep. A good multipurpose alternative is the Murphy bed. Although it might often be mocked, it is a space-saving staple. Furthermore, with all the developments in furniture today, you don’t necessarily have to end up sacrificing comfort for convertible beds that maximize your living space. 

3. Give the illusion of more space 

When you’re downsizing, or even designing a new home, it goes without saying that you would want your home to look as spacious as possible. One way to accomplish this without sacrificing practical living space is by taking advantage of d├ęcor and design ideas that trick the eye. 

One way is by tinkering with lighting. A bright and well-lit room can instantly look more spacious and cozier. Your color palette can also influence the perception of space in your home. For example, painting the walls in your space in bright and neutral colors will create a visual expansion of space. 

Another way of creating the illusion of more space is by incorporating built-in cabinets. These are a great tool for maximizing your space while being able to customize them to the constraints of your space. What’s more, they can turn empty and dead space into smart storage solutions that make use of your space more efficiently. For example, you can install cabinets under your stairs to make use of this usually awkward and useless space. 

4. Store upwards instead of outwards 

In a small space, storage solutions are ever more important. However, you need to be smart with your storage solutions. 

Consider opting for storage that builds upwards instead of outwards. For example, instead of a large trunk or bureau that will end up monopolizing floor space, opt for vertical shelving or taller cabinets. Not only do you save valuable square footage, these storage solutions draw your eyes upward and kills two birds with one stone by helping to elongate the visual perception of your room as well. 

Furthermore, smart storage ideas can also help you cover up flaws or dead space in a small apartment. You can turn an awkward space or nook into a smart storage solution and make your space look effortlessly complete and free of mess and clutter. For example, if you have a narrow alcove or weird nook, consider smart built-ins that can cover up the awkward angles while providing storage space at the same time.

Vertical storage solutions don’t have to break the bank. There are also many simple ways of incorporating them into your existing storage space. For example, consider incorporating more vertical storage, such as built-ins with drawers on the bottom and clothing racks above them. Although you might face a bit of difficulty reaching up to get to your stuff, the added step is worth the extra space. 

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  1. store upwards tu cheq setuju. beli storage yang meninggi bukan melebar. but make sure bole capai la hehe kang tinggii sangat menjingkit =P

  2. Kena pandai memilih tatarias rumah la kalau space kecik..nak hire designer x mampu kan..follow majalah je

  3. tq for sharing.
    umah aida ni hah, kecik.
    hadoi lah, bab storage memang problems.

  4. setuju, store upwards dengan multifunction furniture tu memang sangat membantu

  5. perkongsian yang ohsem.. Kalau ruang kecik memang kena kreatif..

  6. Good sharing Linda, boleh rujuk kat sini bebila nanti..

  7. Thanks for sharing memang ada pasang niat juga tapi tak tahu bilalah nak renow rumah sedia ada.. malas nak kemas bila dah sepah2


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